Microsoft Access - 1 (Introduction)
Prerequisite: Current Windows class, experience using Windows program, or other Office programs is highly recommendedCourse Length: 6 hours

Opening and closing a database, opening and closing tables, creating and editing tables, primary key, fields (adding, moving, and deleting), records (adding, editing, sorting), working with forms and reports, and creating queries.

Microsoft Access - 2 (Intermediate)
Prerequisite: Intro to Access classCourse Length: 6 hours

Customizing forms, advanced controls (drop down lists and combo boxes), creating subforms, calculations in forms and reports, importing data from outside sources, grouping data in reports, charts, creating a switchboard form using macros and buttons, linking access table with a form letter (mail merge).

Microsoft Excel - 1 (Introduction)
Prerequisite: Current Windows class or experience using WindowsCourse Length: 6 hours

Worksheet basics, entering data and text, selecting, editing, and formatting cells, copy, paste, and fill techniques, basic formulas and functions, printing and chart basics.

Microsoft Excel - 2 (Intermediate)
Prerequisite: Intro to Excel classCourse Length: 6 hours

Large worksheet techniques, sorting, multiple worksheet views, printing options, templates, Wordart, clipart, linking data between sheets, range names, Excel database functions, searching data, PivotTables, and PivotCharts.

Microsoft Excel - 3 (Advanced)
Prerequisite: Intermediate Excel classCourse Length: 6 hours

Lookup functions, custom templates, basic macros, building scenario sheets, consolidate data, If functions, comments, hyperlinks, importing data from other sources and tracing changes.

Microsoft Powerpoint - 1 (Introduction)
Prerequisite: Current Windows class or experience using WindowsCourse Length: 6 hours

Slide preparation and design, bullets, adding and deleting slides, rearrange slides,
AutoContent Wizard, running slide shows, working with slide outline view, printing, ClipArt,
WordArt, create transitions, timings, sounds and animation, text boxes, and delivery.

Microsoft Powerpoint - 2 (Intermediate)
Prerequisite: Intro to Powerpoint classCourse Length: 6 hours

Working with charts, tables, organizational charts, online presentations compare and merge presentations, creating templates, program buttons, and on road presentation discussion.

Microsoft Word - 1 (Introduction)
Prerequisite: Current Windows class or experience using WindowsCourse Length: 6 hours

Document basics such as creating and navigating documents, selecting, editing, and formatting techniques, inserting symbols, creating flyers, working with tables, printing and saving documents.

Microsoft Word - 2 (Intermediate)
Prerequisite: Intro to Word class or experience using WordCourse Length: 6 hours

Creating a newsletter, clipart, columns, creating and modifying styles, using outlines, text flow options, navigating long documents, creating table of contents and indexes.

Microsoft Word - 3 (Advanced)
Prerequisite: Intermediate WordCourse Length: 6 hours

Mail Merge, advanced table techniques, Excel Integration, comments, track changes, creating multiple versions of a document/macros/ forms.