What is Asynchronous Learning?

Asynchronous learning happens on your schedule. While your course of study, instructor or degree program will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments for completing, and exams for evaluation, you have the ability to access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame. Methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and exchanges across discussion boards or social media platforms.

What are the advantages of asynchronous learning?


If you’ve got a demanding schedule or weird hours, you’re probably an asynchronous learner. Your learning will typically revolve around materials that can be accessed on your own time, (though often within a set time frame like a week or two). Materials might include text-based lecture notes, self-guided interactive learning modules, or pre-recorded lectures and podcasts. If you need to complete a module on the train ride to work; if you have to listen to a lecture on headphones while your baby naps; if you work the graveyard shift at a sewage treatment facility, sleep until the middle of the afternoon and do your best reading while Dr. Oz reruns blather in the background, you totally can. Asynchronous learning gives you the materials. It’s up to you to complete them at your convenience.


One of the most empowering features of asynchronous learning is the fact that your experience is typically self-guided. Read at your pace. View on your time. Complete based on your understanding…as opposed to the pressure to hit a deadline. If you’re a quick learner, you can choose to power through materials and units that come easily to you. If it takes you a bit more time to absorb new information and knowledge, this path also gives you the chance to review information, take notes, and practice retention without concern over the speed of a lecture or the pace of your classmates. Shape your learning experience based on your needs as opposed to the tempo of the classroom.


If one of the leading motives behind your online education is affordability, there are countless opportunities for learning that carry a lower price-tag because they can be administrated without day to day instruction. Though there are many asynchronous experiences in which you can and must interact directly with an instructor—often through methods of communication with high time latency like email or social media—there are just as many ways of learning without any professorial support. Self-guided modules, video tutorials, and virtual libraries all offer you the chance to pursue your education with a minimum of oversight, and therefore, at a minimal expense.

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